What Should I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking

At first, a water heater leak might be a minor problem, but it can quickly entail several consequences. Any water leak can cause severe damage to your floors, walls, furniture, subfloors and in extreme cases, loss of your property. If you need advice in this type of situation go to A#1 Emergency Service and they will facilitate your worries.

This list will help you to recognize different types of leaks at home. The following are a few types of water heater leaks coming from the bottom:

  1. A leak coming from the temperature and pressure relief valve: This valve is designed to release some quantity of water, but only when there is too much pressure inside of the tank or if the water is too hot. The valve has a tube integrated on the top of the water heater to the floor. It makes sure that any water leaking from the valve leaks directly downwards to the floor, instead of outwards, which could be extremely dangerous.
  2. A leak from the drain valve: all water heaters count with a drain valve at the bottom of the tank. If the valve is broken or defective, water will begin to leak from the bottom and edges of the tank.
  3. A leak coming from the tank: Most of these leaks come from the hot water tank. This internal problem is caused by an accumulation of sediment. If these residues are left long enough, it might begin to rust and crack the outside of the water heater tank.

How to prevent water heater leaking.

  1. One way to avoid further water leaks in your water tank is performing a general maintenance of it at least two times a year, thus to extend the life of your water heater. Flushing your water heater once a year will avoid sediments to build-up.
  2. Another way to extend your water heater´s life is to turn it off when you´re not using it. If an emergency shutdown is the only way to turn it off, you can look at the water heater tag, is usually located on the water tank. If your water heater doesn´t have a tag on it, you can shut it down manually by turning off the main panel breaker (if the water heater is electric).
  3. Shut down the water supply: find the dial located on the water supply inlet. it´s located at the top of your water heater. Then, turn the dial clockwise, which is commonly parallel to the pipe of the water heater.

After all this information, what should I do next?

Once you have found the water leak, you must choose whether to fix it by yourself and making it worse or look for professional assessment.  Especializated plumbers will fix any type of water damage situation you are dealing at the moment.

This video will show you step by step what to do next in case you are experiencing water heater leaks.

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