Working to Rehabilitate Children

kids exerciseMany chiropractors face challenges when they try to rehabilitate and treat children. Children are still developing, and their bones are growing, making them difficult to treat properly and safely. There is much greater risk that something will go wrong or that they will damage themselves in a way that’s difficult to repair. So, chiropractors do have to be more careful when dealing with children than with adults. While children are incredibly resilient, they also cannot take some of the same kinds of training and exercise that adults should be doing as part of their rehabilitation.

Chiropractors should not expect children to achieve the same kinds of gains that adults do. They should definitely be making a difference in their strength, flexibility and mobility as they exercise, but chiropractors should lower their expectations when comparing children’s gains to adult ones. While chiropractors like those at this chiropractor in Greenville, SC do have some concerns about the safety of children as they exercise, research has shown that injury rates are incredibly low among pre-pubescent children who are receiving rehabilitant and are properly supervised. Having their exercise regimens overseen by a responsible adult or a medical professional can make a huge difference in how safe the child is and how successful their exercise efforts will be.

Chiropractors have to be careful about the structural integrity of the developing skeleton. The child’s bone structure is still expanding, and their bones will be more flexible than an adults Chiropractors need to take that into consideration and temper the child’s exercise routine accordingly. Chiropractors should also take into consideration that many children have poor posture habits that affect their rehabilitation progress and cause spinal injuries in the first place. It is important to discover these unsafe habits and ensure that children know the way they should be sitting, lying down and resting to avoid further injury to their skeletal system. Chiropractors should work with parents and caregivers to identify and address bad posture and make certain that the child knows what is expected of them and what posture is acceptable.

An exercise regimen that is well designed and that takes into account the individual characteristics of the child will be incredibly effective at rehabilitating them. But chiropractors have to be willing to put in the effort to ensure that the exercise routine meets the child’s needs, is strictly followed and doesn’t overexert the child or create undue strain on the child.

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